The Wonderful Place Dad Tiger Woods Wants To Wear His Latest Masters Green Jacket

Dad Tiger Woods has big plans where he wants to wear his latest Masters Green Jacket.

There are two special reasons this Green Jacket means so much to Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods knows the rules with winning the green jacket at Augusta National. His inspiring victory Sunday was, after all, his fifth championship at the world famous tournament.

So, he knows the deal.

Winners keep their jacket for the first year after their first victory, then return it to the club to wear whenever they visit. Only the reigning champion is allowed to take his green jacket off club grounds.

Reporters wanted to know where Tiger planned on taking his.

Sounds like it was Dad Tiger answering that question.

“I’m excited about show‑and‑tell at school,” Golf Digest reported from the Woods saidat lengthy post-round press conference.

His kids, Sam and Charlie, sat in the back of the room.

Think about it. We mere mortals can only imagine what Tiger has accomplished during his career. Yet, his kids had never witnessed any of his majors.

Woods’ last major win came at the 2008 U.S. Open when Sam was still an infant. His son, Charlie, hadn’t even been born.

For this victory, Tiger said, “I think that ‑‑ I think ‑‑ well, I hope, I hope they are proud of me. I hope they are proud of their dad. So I’ve been very blessed to have two great kids, and just to have them here to see this and witness this, you know, I’ve tried to describe ‑‑ they have never been to Augusta National, so try and describe the slopes and everything. I said, this is a pretty unique event. This is very special. Really hope you guys are able to come. So it all worked out and here they are.”

Something tells me his kids’ school will have perfect attendance the day Sam and Charlie’s dad comes to do Show-And-Tell.

The hug seen around the world. Tiger Woods hugs his son, Charlie, just moments before putting on the green jacket for the fifth time.

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The Wonderful Place Dad Tiger Woods Wants To Wear His Latest Masters Green Jacket

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