Time Magazine Picks Journalists, Including My Former CNN Colleague Maria Ressa, As “Person Of The Year”

Why these courageous journalists deserve Person Of The Year 

I’m thrilled my former CNN colleague Maria Ressa is being included in the honor of being called Time Magazine’s  for “Person of The Year.”

Time gives the honor to “Guardians and War On Truth.” They include Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the staff of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, and two young Reuters reporters in prison in Myanmar.

As our time at CNN overlapped,  Ressa’s two decades at CNN were spent in Asia. My time was mostly spent anchoring from the network’s world headquarters in Atlanta. It was always an honor to toss to her excellent reporting in the field.

Though her work was always top notch, who could know that her most important work would come after she left the network.

Time Magazine names brave journalists including Rappler’s Maria Ressler as their 2018 “Person of The Year.:

She created Rappler, an online news service based in the Phillipines that has held accountable the brutal dictatorship of Rodrigo Duterte. Her work has been daring and dangerous. She and her company have now been charged with tax fraud in her home country.

For her daring and important work, Ressa is one of a group of journalists Time Magazine has chosen as “Person of The Year.”

How do you make the case that journalists deserve to be honored and not the so-called enemy of the people?

Time Magazine makes an excellent case.

Congratulations to Maria and all the journalists, for the honor, and more importantly for the important, life-saving work you are doing around the world. It’s an honor to say I’ve worked with you.

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Time Magazine Picks Journalists, Including My Former CNN Colleague Maria Ressa, As “Person Of The Year”

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