United CEO Gives Up His First Class Seat To Nervous Elderly Flyer

United CEO Oscar Munoz gives up his first class seat for a nervous, elderly passenger and sits in coach.

United CEO Oscar Munoz Hoping To Show His Is A More Caring Airline

Who knows if United CEO Oscar Munoz thought about the people who might be watching as he boarded one of his airline’s planes last month?

A woman named Rebecca Kruchar Krutz certainly was and she has shared what she witnessed on Facebook.

Krutz says she was taken aback when she saw Munoz walk to the back of the plane and sit in an economy seat.

After all, the big CEO of the airline must fly First Class, she figured.

Turns out, Munoz did indeed have a First Class seat assigned to him.

And he gave it up.

To an elderly passenger he spotted before boarding the plane.

A woman who was nervous about flying and not too mobile.

Krutz describes how Munoz spotted the woman and went over to speak with her.

And it was not too long after that that the seat exchange happened.

Krutz had more to say after Business Insider picked up her Facebook post.

“Had I not had to literally run to the next gate in order to not miss my connecting flight, I would’ve liked to have told Mr Munoz how much I appreciated his act of kindness. Hopefully at some point he’ll see this article, and then he’ll know how much I appreciate and respect what he did. That lady could’ve been my grandmother, or yours. Think how different this world would be if everyone treated each other with such kindness. Thank you Mr Munoz for setting such a wonderful example.”

Rebecca Kruchar Krutz on Facebook

Kindness matters.

For the simple act of being kind, of course.

And then the practical matter that kindness can make good business. Krutz identifies herself as a pretty loyal Delta Airlines customer.

But after seeing the way the CEO of United conducted himself when he didn’t have to, she says she just might make it a point to fly United now whenever she can.

In hunting around for more information on Munoz, I found this fascinating fact–he received a heart transplant in 2016.  Perhaps his near death experience gave him perspective on kindness? I would love to know how he thinks it changed him.

In any case, in this one instance at least, Mr. Munoz, you done good.

You done really good.

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United CEO Gives Up His First Class Seat To Nervous Elderly Flyer

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