80-Year-Old Man Builds Train For Stray Dogs

Because everyone deserves a little fun, yes?

That’s why 80-year-old Eugene Bostwick says he built this train for stray dogs.


The story starts with Eugene’s home at the end of dead end road in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Dodo.com reports that heartless people just like to dump their dogs and abandon them.

That was enough to break Eugene’s heart.

credit: /u/christifor

So, he started feeding them. That led to taking them in. That led to the inspired idea that these dogs need some fun, too. He built this home-made train that attaches to the back of his tractor. He took plastic barrels, cut holes in them, and attached wheels on the bottom.  

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Now, everyday, Eugene hooks up his train for stray dogs and they head out for their version of joyride.

I don’t think there’s any question how much fun these dogs are having!

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/eepfRldptT8″ align=”right” mode=”normal”]

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80-Year-Old Man Builds Train For Stray Dogs

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