Construction Workers Create Sign For Special Little Girl

Just who are those workers so many stories in the air of a construction site? Hidden below the brims of their construction helmets, focused on the challenging and dangerous job in front of them?

In St. Louis, two of those workers caught the eye of the “girl in the window.”

2-year-old Vivian Keith was in insolation across the way from the construction site at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, being treated for leukemia.

The brightest part of her day? Waving at those construction workers.

Check out the surprise for Vivian and her parents.

The day the construction workers did so much more than wave back.

[iframe id=”” align=”center”]

One act of kindness is a day Vivian’s family will never forget.

Read more about it here from KDSK-TV.

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Construction Workers Create Sign For Special Little Girl

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