Waffle House Survivor’s Mother Gets Wedding Dress For Hero Waitress

The mother of Waffle House shooting survivor buys wedding dress for waitress she believes saved her son's life.

Waffle House waitress Virginia Stanley says she was just doing her job that night.

She works at the restaurant in Nashville that became the target of a mass shooting in April.

It started as an ordinary shift.

She was simply doing dishes.

When Michael Garth, Sr. and a friend came to sit down at the counter, Stanley asked them to move. She didn’t want to splash them as she washed the dishes.

So, the two moved over a booth.

That one simple act of changing positions most probably saved their lives. It meant they were out of the direct line of fire when the gunman started shooting.

When Garth told his mother, Vickie Davis, about moving positions, she decided she needed to track down this angel waitress and so something wonderful.

CBS21 in Nashville has their story.

Glitz Bridal in Bellvue, TN is the other big piece of this story of gratitude.

The shop has a history of giving a few gowns to  veterans and first responders.

The Daily Mail reports Davis asked if this year they would make an exception and give one to the waitress, and they agreed.

When Davis broke the news to the waitress, she said: ‘We hugged and we cried, and we cried and we hugged.’

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Waffle House Survivor’s Mother Gets Wedding Dress For Hero Waitress

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