Watch Adorable Baby Sea Otter Munch On Tiny Ice Cubes

Joey the sea otter pup munches on tiny ice cubes.

You can watch Joey, the baby otter munch on tiny crushed ice cubes.


There’s no why.

Simply, it’s the cutest thing you will see today, on a day when your brain can use a break from the stress of all the election coverage.

This is the little guy who everyone can agree is just the cutest.

The video comes courtesy of the folks at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Joey was rescued as a tiny baby. Because his mother died before he could learn all the stuff an otter needs to learn to make it in the wild, he’ll need to be taken care of.

He was first taken to Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and then onto Vancouver Aquarium. The kind folks at Ocean Wise took the photo at the top of this post.

The folks there have set Joey up with his own YouTube channel.

They even have a live feed where you can watch the otters 24/7.

How’s that for a great diversion?

You can read more about Joey’s rescue story and how you can help support him and other marine rescue mammals here.

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Watch Adorable Baby Sea Otter Munch On Tiny Ice Cubes

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