WeWork Is Hiring, Mentoring And Training 1,500 Refugees

WeWork is mentoring, training and hiring 1,500 refugees.

WeWork is a company that is walking the walk when it comes to helping refugees.

While so many people are busy yelling, crying, bemoaning what can be done, this company is making a big difference.

FastCompany Magazine reports WeWork “has locations in 73 cities, and began working with refugees in a grassroots pilot project in early 2017, when employees in New York reached out to a local office of the International Rescue Committee to invite the nonprofit’s refugee clients to start applying for jobs. ‘Six months later, we had hired over 50 employees, and the pilot was so successful it actually started organically growing to Chicago and Boston,’ says Mo Al-Shawaf, WeWork’s director of partnerships and special projects. By November, the company had decided to set a larger goal: Over the next five years, it will hire a total of 1,500 refugees.”

Who are the people who have come to America in search of a better life?  The company has produced their own video to introduce a few of them.

What kind of opportunities await?

You just met Mamadou Diallo in the video. He comes from Guinea where he had his own store selling cell phones.

FastCompany reports  Diallo is now learning to code. He hopes to later move into a position in the WeWork’s tech team. Meanwhile, he’s already built a website for an education nonprofit organization in Guinea.

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WeWork Is Hiring, Mentoring And Training 1,500 Refugees

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