Woman’s Kind Act Changes Life For Man With Cardboard Sign

A stranger pays to get the cellphone turned back on for a man with a cardboard sign. He finds messages that there is work waiting for him.

It’s so easy to keep driving past a stranger with a cardboard sign.

Kenyada Waters knows that.

USA Today reports that Waters saw a man named, Richard, holding a sign last week as she was sitting in her car.

The sign read, “Laid off 2 long. Anything helps.”

Waters saw a lot of folks just drive by.

She decided to be the one to stop and simply listen to his story.

Richard explained how he wasn’t a bum, rather, a guy who had worked as a tree trimmer for 20 years.

He’d been laid off and things spiraled from there.

That’s when Kenyada was inspired with a creative, productive way to help out.

What a huge difference her kind act has made and is making in the life of this one man.

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Woman’s Kind Act Changes Life For Man With Cardboard Sign

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