WWII Dog Tags Of Pulitzer Prize Winner’s Father Found

WWII dog tags of the father of Pulitzer Prize winner David Kennerly have been found inside a desk in Portland, Oregon.

Dog Tags Of David Kennerly’s Father Found In An Old Desk In Portland

Jordan Felo and his wife didn’t think they were buying dog tags.

They thought they were buying an antique desk.

But when a mysterious rattle unearthed the unexpected treasure, Felo became determined to get the dog tags back to the veteran who once wore them or at least his family.

His search took him on an adventure bigger than he imagined.

KOIN-TV in Portland has the story.

David Kennerly shared the story on his Facebook page along with this note, “OK, here’s a weird, but wonderful good news story! My dad would be thrilled by the outcome of this tale. His WWII dog tags, missing for over 70 years, were found in an old drawer, and are on their way to me. Check out this terrific piece from KOIN 6 in Portland, Oregon today. Both my sister Jane Kennerly Straight and I are, as reported, blown away! Thanks Jordan Felo, Miles Davis is on the way! “

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WWII Dog Tags Of Pulitzer Prize Winner’s Father Found

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