Zoom Makeup And Lighting Tips To Feel Better About How You Look On Video Conference Calls

Zoom call make up and lighting tips.

Zoom makeup and lighting tips can make you feel better about how you look on camera

Zoom makeup and lighting tips to the rescue.

I feel you.

You were thrust into a working from home situation and shoved in front of the camera.

To be honest, I’m still working on my videoconference call look. I recently did this interview via SKYPE with GPB’s Donna Lowry. I think I took the natural look a little too far. And I can hear my late mother chirping in my ear, “Could you at least take a comb to your hair?”
That’s why I’m focusing on tips from women who have this down better than I do right now.

You’re doing it with your job and all those friends who want a chance to see your gorgeous face.

Thing is, you don’t feel so gorgeous.

I’ve curated for you what I think are three good YouTube videos that can help.

You might be overloaded on Zoom calls, but there is no escaping them.

I’ve skipped over the 20-something make up vloggers.

Instead I’m keeping it real with women who have lived.

I’ve also made sure to include a makeup tutorial for women of color.

And I have one recommendation for a light you might want to purchase.

The first video is from Angie who creates videos on her YouTube channel.

Basic lighting can be your friend

  • Find a window with some nice diffused light in front of you.
  • Make sure it is not too bright.
  • Make sure you’re not backlit.
  • At 2:20 she has a good trick for finding the best lighting in your house.
Alisha Williams made this video before all the Zoom craze, but it still has really good tips for women of all colors.

No reason to go full on glam

  • If you do one thing do your eyebrows.
  • Great tutorial at 1:45
Marnie Goldberg is full of great tips and humor, as well.

Even beyond the make up and lighting

  • Check your look BEFORE the Zoom call.
  • Once you’re on the call, look at the camera as much as you can.
  • Smiling and eye contact are as important as good make up and lighting.

An easy ring light

I’ve made an investment since this all began. Truth is with all the video work I do, I should’ve bought a ring light earlier.

This is the one I bought. Honestly, I think it’s more complicated than you want.

So, I went looking for a simple one that you can set up easily to use with your phone or stick it behind your laptop or home computer.

Full disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate. So if you purchase through the link from my website, I will get a commission. Your price is the same whether you click here or not.

By clicking through here, you help support this good news website, so let me say, “Thank you in advance!” for that.

Now go shine and be beautiful!



Zoom Makeup And Lighting Tips To Feel Better About How You Look On Video Conference Calls

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