Because Women Without Children Are Magnificent, Too

How did women without children get left out of the celebration? With all due respect to us mothers, I’m not sure how we ended up with this day to celebrate only women who have children. Women are creators and nurturers. This expresses itself in different ways. To my fellow mothers, you have a whole card aisle and the world to tell you how magnificent you are. To you, my fellow women who do not have children, I know some of

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Are Black Jelly Beans The Sweetest, Most Divisive Candy In America?

Where do you stand on black jelly beans? You’re either going to be with me,      Or vehemently, “Get out of my house now!” against me on this one.      In this divisive era,      Where Republicans and Democrats can’t govern,      When Easter and Passover fell on the same weekend,      Where there is only one way to feel about the New England Patriots,      I have found a topic more divisive.      How could something so little,     

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That Mood Of Mine That Drives My Husband Crazy

Funny thing is I had no idea this was a problem As marital disagreements go,      This was one I wasn’t expecting.      It popped up on a typical weekend day for Husband and me, sitting side by side at our dining room table.      I was puttering away adding uplifting and positive news stories to my website.      Husband was busy creating our next travel adventure.      “We might be going around the world on Emirates Airlines First Class,”

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