Firefighter Uses Sign Language To Communicate With Delighted Boy

Sign language and kindness come naturally to firefighter Mike Rheault American Sign Language proved to be the perfect tool for firefighter Mike Rheault. He’s a lieutenant in the Manchester, New Hampshire fire department. He was one of several firefighters responding to alarms going off at an apartment building earlier this month. That’s when Lt. Rheault spied a shy boy peaking out of a doorway. That boy was Teegan McCall. His mother explains that her son has cerebral palsy and is

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WWII Veteran Celebrates 92nd Birthday Picking Up $1500 Tab For Military Members At Chick fil-A

WWII Veteran Ed Rusinek says he’s simply paying a favor forward WWII Army veteran Ed Rusinek says he’ll never forget the nice thing a stranger did for him. He was a young draftee in Little Rock, Arkansas. A buddy and he left the base looking for some Southern food when they came across an elderly gentleman. “He stepped up to us and asked, ‘Can you do me a favor? Will you let me buy your lunch? If you want to

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That Mood Of Mine That Drives My Husband Crazy

Funny thing is I had no idea this was a problem As marital disagreements go,      This was one I wasn’t expecting.      It popped up on a typical weekend day for Husband and me, sitting side by side at our dining room table.      I was puttering away adding uplifting and positive news stories to my website.      Husband was busy creating our next travel adventure.      “We might be going around the world on Emirates Airlines First Class,”

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