City Council Here She Comes! Teenager Wins Right To Run For Office

Teenager Mary Pat Hector wins the right to run for city council in the new city of Stonecrest, GA.

When most teenagers might focus on getting a ton of likes on social media, Mary Pat Hector dreams of getting votes to elect her to city council.

Talk about a motivated young woman.

Mary Pat is 19 and a sophomore at Spellman College in Decatur, Georgia.

She set her sights on running for city council in the newly-created city of Stonecrest, Georgia.

Hooray for her, yes?

A young person getting involved in changing the world.

Her potential opponent in the race wasn’t so excited.

George Turner said Mary Pat’s candidacy broke Georgia law.

It is true that state law says you must be 21 to run for office.

The catch?

Unless a city ordinance says otherwise.

How did the new city of Stonecrest set up its rules?

Let’s just say there is one very happy and now busy 19-year-old already going door to door.

Fox5 Atlanta has the story.

Mary Pat Hector has some busy days ahead.

Election Day for the new city of Stonecrest is March 21st.

It’s just so awesome to see someone of any age getting busy and getting involved, instead of just adding to the noise of millions spewing on social media.

You go, Girl!

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City Council Here She Comes! Teenager Wins Right To Run For Office

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