Comedian Steve Harvey Stumped By 5-Year-Old Math Whiz

Comedian Steve Harvey is stumped by 5-year-old math whiz, Luis, on his show, "Little Big Shots."

I don’t know if you’ve caught comedian Steve Harvey’s new show, “Little Big Shots,” yet, but it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Here is a great segment with a 5-year-old math whiz.

Check out this segment with adorable Luis teaching Steve a thing or two about numbers and math.

He’s absolutely adorable.

Want to know more about this charming little boy?

NBC News says he is 5-year-old Luis Esquivel, Jr.

He comes from Hawaii.

His dad, Luis, Sr. says numbers are just the beginning for his incredibly bright boy.

“He knows the whole periodic table, and he knows the atomic numbers for all of the elements,” Esquivel said. “He can name every state and also every country in the world. He knows the planets, the name of the third-closest star to our solar system and the speed of light in miles and kilometers.”

Luis Jr. says next time he meets Steve Harvey, he wants to play the subtracting game. Apparently, that’s more fun.

His parents say their big focus right now isn’t getting their kid in special classes, rather, just letting him have as normal a childhood as possible.

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Comedian Steve Harvey Stumped By 5-Year-Old Math Whiz

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