Cop Drives Man Over 100 Miles After Traffic Stop

Cop drives man over 100 miles to get him to his family after pulling him over for speeding and finding out he has a family tragedy to deal with.

This is so not the white cop pulls over African American man story we’ve been seeing the news lately.

Mark Ross knew he was in trouble as soon as he saw the flashing lights in the rear view mirror.

Actually, the trouble, the tragedy, started hours before.

Ross was in Ohio when he got the devastating phone call.

His teenaged sister had been killed in a car accident.

Ross knew he had to get to his grieving mother as soon as possible.

Only, Ross doesn’t have a license.

So, he asked a buddy to drive him the more than 100 miles to his mother’s home outside Detroit.

The buddy agreed, even though his license was suspended, as well.

It was in the middle of night when trooper J. Davis pulled the car over for speeding.

“I knew I was going to jail because there is a petty warrant out for my arrest,” he told Inside Edition.

Trooper Davis could see that the man in the passenger seat was very emotional.

Ross spilled his story.

What did the officer do?

Drove him more than 100 miles so that Ross could get to his family.

Inside Edition has the story.

And Mark Ross shared the story on his Facebook page.

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Cop Drives Man Over 100 Miles After Traffic Stop

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