“Love And Romance Radio” Plays Host To Daryn & Husband

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Like the overweight person who has lost a ton of weight and still sees a fat person in the mirror, I think a part of me will forever feel like the never-been-married single girl. I am always surprised to get an invitation like this, to talk love, to talk marriage, to talk about finding The Guy.

Such a delight to join Laurie Sue Brockway and her husband, Victor “The Voice” Fuhrman on their show, “Love And Romance Radio.”

We talked overcoming obstacles, finding love, becoming a family.

About how what seems like the end of everything, can actually be the beginning.

This interview is also the national radio debut for my husband.

Truly, if you could’ve dialed the clock back for most of my adult life and played this interview, I would’ve told you that you have the wrong person.

So, if that’s you, who is still looking for love, trust me, I know what you’re feeling.

I also know, if it can happen for me, it can happen for you.



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“Love And Romance Radio” Plays Host To Daryn & Husband

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