Hands Down, This Is The Holiday To End All Holidays

The holiday for everyone. February 15th. Exhalistmas.

It’s possible today is your day.

     Your special day.

     You, who did not have a single Hallmark moment with your less than functional family at Thanksgiving.

     You, who did not put the “Ho Ho Ho” in Christmas.

     You, who didn’t look up once from your desk wondering if that bouquet of red roses delivery was for you.

You can go ahead and blow.

     Blow out big.

     Give me a giant exhale.

     You’ve made it.

     To that day.

     The one on the calendar when you can finally relax.

     I officially declare February 15th as “Exhalistmas.”

     You’re done and through the holidays.

     It’s possible that the holidays are not the happiest time of the year for you.

     You, who don’t have someone special to share each occasion.

     You, who lost someone near and dear recently.

     You, who are feeling that constricting bank account and are overwhelmed by the price of this and that.

     I know this dread from my 10 million years as a single person.

     I might now be married five years, but live most of your life single and you never forget.

     Don’t forget that feeling of Labor Day Weekend.

     Oh, how I used to dread Labor Day Weekend.

     Coming around the corner of free, fun-wheeling summer to get hit like a Mack truck ramming into my stomach.

     It’s when the questions begin.

     The “What are you doing for the holidays?”

     That heavy burden like the 12-page term paper I had due in 10th grade.

     This is going to be really hard to pull off.


     This better be good.

     I better have a good answer so that people don’t look at me with that “I’m so sad for you,” look.

     Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s and into Valentine’s Day.

     What a relief from feeling the burden of having to figure out somewhere to go.

     Of forcing happy.

     To just being.

     This is the beauty of Exhalistmas.

     It’s not just for the bah humbuggers in the group.

     It’s not just a being single thing.

     It’s everyone’s holiday.

     It’s the beginning of the most authentic time of the year.

     When you send a friend a card, just because.

     When you call your family because you want to, not because the calendar says you must.

     When you spend a little cash buying coffee for the guy behind you in line rather than run up credit card debt gifting your third cousin out of obligation.

     A feeling so wonderful you just want to breathe it in.

     Go ahead.

     Just remember to blow it out.

     This is your holiday.

     The most Exhalistmas time of the year.

What is your favorite or least favorite holiday? Please share in the comments section below.

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Hands Down, This Is The Holiday To End All Holidays

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