Frequent Flyer Miles Rookies–Target Your Dream Trip!

Lufthansa First Class. Dubai to Milan, through Frankfurt. Two tickets would cost $10,000. MH splurged,paying $240 and 120,000 United miles for both of us. A great points redemption.

So you want to get started on this incredibly fun and lucrative hobby of points chasing.

Of course, you read my last post and did your dreaming—where do you want to go with these zillions of miles you are going to collect without flying?  That’s really important because it is going to help direct how you’re going to collect.

MH has put together this handy guide:


Continental US: Southwest, British Airways

Hawaii: United, British Airways    

Australia/Asia: Delta, United, Korean, Singapore, Alaska

Europe: United, Delta

Africa: Delta, American, United     

Middle East: American, Alaska     

South America: American, United


* So one disclaimer on Delta SkyMIles (MilesHusband is coaching over my shoulder) skip Delta if you want to fly First Class to any international destinations. You are not able to use SkyMiles to get First Class tickets.  Wife adds: This will be an ongoing theme you will hear many many times from MH–how bad the SkyMiles program is, how Delta has devalued this currency to depressing levels. This will be huge shock to many of our friends who live in Atlanta who think this is the only airline to fly anywhere. Oh, how your world is about to open up!

Let’s Talk Numbers!

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.48.42 PM

How many of these miles are you going to need?

MH encourages you to look this up for yourself with the individual carriers you’re focusing on.  In general he says to plan on

For International trips: 60-100K per person round trip in Coach, 125-160K/Business, 200-240K RT international First Class.

For Domestic trips: MH says to look this up for yourself. He’s an international travel snob because he loves world travel and you get the most value for your miles by using them on international trips.

Finally! Your “To Do” List

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.57.44 PM

This is where you’re going to start feeling like you’re doing something!

1. Sign up for your free frequent flyer account on the website of your targeted airline(s.)

2. Sign up for shopping portals. Make sure you enter your FF#.  Some of the biggies are (American,) (Delta,) (United.)

3. Sign up for Rewards Dining. Going out to eat is about to become even more fun and lucrative. You can find each airline’s dining rewards program here.

4. Check to get an approximate idea on your credit score. It’s free.

Coming up next from your favorite  Miles Husband–let’s go shopping and earn a bunch of miles! He’ll show you how to use those shopping portals to get a bunch of miles for stuff you were going to buy anyway!

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Frequent Flyer Miles Rookies–Target Your Dream Trip!

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