Nurse Gets Surprise Reunion With Her Daughters After 9 Weeks on COVID Front Lines

Nurse Suzanne Vaughn has a surprise reunion with her daughters after nine weeks on frontlines of fighting Covid 19

Nurse Suzanne Vaughn must’ve been dreaming of this moment for weeks

“Mummy!” It’s the word nurse Suzanne Vaughn must’ve dreamed of hearing live in person for more than two months.

Vaughn has been on the front lines fighting the coronavirus for the last ten weeks.

Given her schedule and her exposure to the virus, she made the decision to have her daughters stay with her aunt.

It would appear her daughters don’t have a clue as nurse Suzanne Vaughn sneaks up behind them while they’re watching a movie in their aunt’s backyard. Credit: Twitter/lottsoflove21

Frontline nurse hero

The Daily Mail reports that Vaughn has been working with COVID patients in the ICU ward of Kings Lynn Hospital in Britain.

9-year-old Bella and 7-year-old Hattie stayed her sister Charlotte. It was Charlotte who set up the video and posted the reunion online where it has received more than four million views.

Really stepping up and sacrificing

Vaughn told Sky News in Britain that she usually works 28 hours a week assisting in surgical anesthesia.

When she saw her particular skills would be useful in caring for COVID patients she knew she wanted to step up her commitment.

She asked for her hours to double. As a single mother, that meant the best thing for her girls was sending them to stay with her sister.

They stayed in touch with FaceTime and text messages.

Hard to be a kid

Hattie told Sky News, “It was really hard not seeing Mummy.”

Bella added that both she and her sister were homesick but they understood that Mummy was saving people’s lives.

After nine weeks, Suzanne said she knew it was time to get some rest and get back to her girls.


The hug of a lifetime as nurse Suzanne Vaughn sees her two daughters for the first time in nine weeks. Credit: Twitter/lottsoflove21

She kept the reunion a surprise just in case any hiccups came up she didn’t want the girls to be disappointed.

Looks like this is a moment all three will remember for the rest of their lives.

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Nurse Gets Surprise Reunion With Her Daughters After 9 Weeks on COVID Front Lines

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