NFL Player Jermaine Gresham Pays Woman’s Carry On Baggage Fee So She Doesn’t Miss Her Flight

NFL tight end Jermaine Gresham scored a kindness touchdown this week at Los Angeles International Airport. That’s where recent Arizona State graduate Delilah Cassidy found herself in a stressful situation so many of us travelers can relate to. She’d just arrived on a long trip from Europe. She didn’t realize American Airlines has this dumb policy to charge some classes of service $50 to bring on a carry on bag. Even worse, the AA employees wouldn’t take cash and her

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How A Millionaire Secret Santa Was Born Out Of One Small Act Of Kindness

The Secret Santa story done each year by CBS News‘ Steve Hartman is among the most popular and heartwarming. Which is saying a lot. Because everything Steve Hartman does is heartwarming. And his stories are so popular, with good reason. Each year about this time, Steve follows around a man who wishes to remain anonymous. CBS News cameras capture the joy as the Secret Santa comes upon unsuspected folks who are not expecting a great Christmas. This Santa instantly changes

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