Mystery Teen Suprises Mom And Toddler With Kind Deed At Target

Young mom Megan Shufflebarger says her heart is about to explode. She shares an encounter that led to a kind deed at her local Target Store in Lafayette, Indiana on her Facebook page. She wasn’t expecting anything special as she helped her little girl, Kinley, go up and down the aisles making a wish list for her upcoming birthday. Megan writes: “My heart is about to explode. We were in target tonight and this younger couple was walking thru the

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Police Officer Sends Flowers To Woman Pulled Over For Speeding

Robin Sutherland was having an absolutely terrible day earlier this week. First, the Massachusetts woman learned that her mother would be going into hospice. There was nothing more doctors could do for her. Not long after hearing that devastating news, Robin was driving through town and a police officer pulled her over for speeding. It was the last straw of a terrible day. Robin broke down as she told the officer she didn’t realize she was speeding. She was so

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Stranger Soothes Stressed Mom’s Crying Baby On Plane

Oh my! We have all been there. Seated, ready to take off on a crowded airplane when the crying baby shows up. The crying baby who..will..not..stop..crying! It’s not like Rebekkah Garvison wanted her 4-month-old baby, Rylee, to keep screaming at the top of her lungs. After all, when she’s not a crying baby, she looks like a little angel. And Rebekkah is a new mom who was simply making her way back from visiting her husband who is an active-duty

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