How I Found Gratitude On A Nude Beach In Florida

How I found gratitude on a nude beach in Florida.

My kind of thanks giving

I didn’t see funny coming.

     Husband would tell you that I usually don’t.

     I never thought of myself as a funny person,

     Until I got married.

     At least once a week, Husband will react to something I say with a delighted huge chuckle, “And you don’t think you’re funny?”

     It happened again last weekend as we stole away for a quick weekend in Florida.

     We’re not the sit around types, so we set out for a long walk on the beach.

     We splashed our toes in the waves.

     Walked some more.

     Smiled at pelicans flying over.

     Walked some more.

     Gazed at sunbathers working on their tans.

     And stopped in our tracks when I spotted one woman who appeared to not be wearing a top.

     “Well, good for her,” I thought. “Going to the beat of her own drummer.”

     Only, I came to realize there was a lot of the same drumming.

     As we kept walking along I could see the topless woman was hardly alone.

     The next woman had nothing on.

     Neither did the man next to her.

     Or the two men on the next towel.

     Or the man after that, posing full spread eagle like my dog looking for fleas.

     “I think we’ve stumbled onto a nude beach,” I said to Husband.

     “Would appear so,” he agreed. “Looks like we’re the only ones with any clothes on.”

     It wasn’t the naked bodies that really amazed me.

It was this beach that went on and on and on. There’s apparently no shortage of folks who enjoy the beach in their birthday suits in South Florida. The sunscreen concession alone boggles the mind.

Naked bodies of all shapes, sizes and colors for as far as you could see. 

“It’s just so big!”

     “It’s just so big!” I remarked.

     “And you don’t think you’re funny?” Husband burst out laughing.

     “What?” I said innocently. “I was talking about how this beach just keeps going and going.

     Husband pointed out that my extra large remark came just as we were passing the guy who was spread eagle for all the world to see.

     “It’s just so big!” certainly could take on a different meaning, I had to admit.

     We had a good laugh over that one.

     I share to say, that’s what I want to express gratitude for this year.

     For funny.

     For sad.

     For anger.

     For joy.

     Basically, for feelings.

     For all the ones we get to have.

     Each one, whether we see them coming or not, reminding us that we are alive.

I need to include you in this, Dear Reader.

     My gratitude for you?

     It’s so big!

     For this space where you let me share feelings each week.



     The happy,

     The funny,

     The sad,

     The tragic.

No week is complete for me unless we have this time together.

     Whether it’s the time you take to drop me a note to share yours,

Or simply “baring” witness to the mess I share here.

     You are a part of my life.

     Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye.

     Would you believe me if I told you I didn’t see it coming?

In case you were wondering, no, we didn’t join the crowd on the nude beach. Kept the suits on. Chased rainbows in the raincloud sky.

What feeling are you thankful for this year? Please “bare your soul” in the Comments section below.

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How I Found Gratitude On A Nude Beach In Florida

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