American Nurse Fails At Retirement As He Spreads Hope And Help In Kenya

Nurse anesthetist Steve James is good at a lot of things. Retirement is not one of them. Not since he found his way to Kenya. A journey inspired by the tragedy of losing his late daughter. How do you take pain like that and turn it inside out? Steve James and his wife, Greta, found out with the people of Kenya. Their love and passion to help has grown into an organization called, Kenya Relief. Amy Montalvo takes us to

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How This Teenager From A Tiny African Nation Is Swimming Through Personal Pain

Swimming events at the upcoming Rio Olympics will no doubt be some of the most popular of the entire games. USA, Russia, Poland, Australia–they all have strong contenders heading into the games. But one of the best stories might be about a teenager from the small African nation of Malawi. Save your surfing over to a geography site. It’s also home to an incredibly inspiring teenager with an electric smile. Amy Montalvo of OnePass Productions has the story of Amarra

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