Strangers Clean Up CNN Center Atlanta Following Night of Out of Control Riots

Strangers picked up glass and scrubbed graffiti at CNN Atlanta The worst and best of Atlanta CNN Center Atlanta has seen the worst and best of this city in a span of less than 20 hours. People began to gather Friday afternoon in Downtown Atlanta protesting a number of police officer shootings including the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Things were peaceful for many hours. They eventually got out of control. Someone set a police car on fire.

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One family creates website to help show gratitude and save restaurants The website is a new creation born out of the coronavirus crisis. One family in Atlanta came up with a brilliant idea that is meant to give folks a way to show gratitude to healthcare workers on the front lines. And it has the added benefit of bringing much needed business to restaurants who are struggling during this time. Grey Cohen tells me her family just thought

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How One New Jersey Mom Created Thriving Giving Organic Skin Care Company From Her Dining Room Table

Gilly Garrett thought she was creating organic skin care for herself Gilly Garrett has found a formula for so much more than organic skin care. She’s found a way to give back. Big time. It started at her dining room table It started as a simple experiment to create a scrub made of oils and sugar. She started getting so many compliments from friends they started asking her for some of her beauty secrets. She started selling a little. Then

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Tyler Perry Pays Off $434,000 In Christmas Layaway Accounts At Walmarts In Georgia

Tyler Perry was trying to be an anonymous Santa Superstar producer, director, writer, actor Tyler Perry was trying to be an anonymous Santa. He’s successful at so much. Playing Santa and staying under the radar, not so much. Perry reached out to two Walmart stores in the Atlanta area and paid off $434,000 in Christmas layaway accounts. Perry confessed on his Twitter feed and told the lucky folks what they need to go do next. I was trying to do

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The Awesome Way This Minnesota High School Football Player Earned Two Super Bowl Tickets

16-year-old Danny Lilya has wanted to be a high school football player for pretty much his whole life. Not just any high school. The one he has grown up cheering for in his hometown, The Moose Lake Rebels. Parents and teachers are all for a kid having a dream. In this case, though, There was one huge challenge– Danny was born with a broken spine and has been in a wheelchair his entire life. Don’t count this kid out. Not

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Wave Of Kindness For Homeless Man Who Spent His Last $20 To Rescue Stranded Woman

An angel appeared in the form of a homeless man for one young woman after she ran out of gas on a dark Philadelphia highway. 27-year-old Kate McClure was driving late one night earlier this month when she felt her car start to chug. That dreaded chug. The out-of-gas sputter. She made it to the side of an offramp and called her boyfriend who said he would come rescue her. He was an hour away. Meanwhile, a homeless man walked

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Boy Covers Thousands Veterans’ Graves In Flags And Respect

11-year-old Preston Sharp is on a mission to cover the graves of veterans in flags, flowers and respect. His passion surfaced a couple years ago while visiting his grandfather’s grave. He became upset seeing not all the other markers had flags. His mother told him if something bothers him then he needs to do something about it. Little did she realize the movement she was unleashing in her son. CBS News’ Steve Hartman has the story. Preston has a GoFundMe

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Chick Fil A Serving Up Free Breakfast Following I 85 Collapse

Chick Fil A is doing its part to make Atlanta’s nightmare commute a little more palatable by offering free breakfast! This follows the collapse of the I 85 interstate Thursday in Atlanta. The fire that brought down a huge span of the highway will basically put Atlanta in a stranglehold for months until the road is fixed. The famous chicken chain can’t fix the highway, but they can offer something to make the ride a little better. Here’s the free

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American Nurse Fails At Retirement As He Spreads Hope And Help In Kenya

Nurse anesthetist Steve James is good at a lot of things. Retirement is not one of them. Not since he found his way to Kenya. A journey inspired by the tragedy of losing his late daughter. How do you take pain like that and turn it inside out? Steve James and his wife, Greta, found out with the people of Kenya. Their love and passion to help has grown into an organization called, Kenya Relief. Amy Montalvo takes us to

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