Tiger’s Huge Masters Win Has Big Consequences For These Expectant Parents

Why was this soon-to-be dad was cheering so hard for Tiger’s huge Master’s win Millions of fans around the world were cheering hard for Tiger’s huge Masters win on Sunday. No one was cheering harder than Trey Little of Dallas, Texas. Trey and his fiancee, Denise Coleman, are expecting their first child in September. In the days leading up to the Masters in Augusta, GA, when few people thought Tiger Woods had a shot at winning his fifth green jacket,

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The One Question You Should Never Ask A Pregnant Woman

  You will be so proud of me. I know exactly the question not to ask. Three of my friends are pregnant right now. This is good news, in that new life is on the way. That’s always about hope and what is possible. They have all been moaning to me about their sore backs and swollen feet, one of them has got a memory foam mattress so the other 2 are extremely jealous! It’s also good news in that

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