I’m Getting A New Set Of Boobs Tomorrow

I’m getting a new set of boobs tomorrow. Uh oh. Have you just stepped into a classic case of over sharing? In a word, yes. This boob journey is one I never wanted to share. Didn’t want to share it with you.  Really didn’t want to share it with the woman I consider my best friend. See, the boobs in question are not exactly mine. They’re hers. The Phone Call That phone call seven months ago where she said, “The

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Is It Weird That I Want A New Best Friend?

Please catch my newspaper column each week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Dayton Daily News and other newspapers across Ohio.  Here’s this week’s column: I want to ask her to be my new best friend. I haven’t exactly actually met her yet. There’s that. My teenaged daughter is already freaking out at the idea. There’s that, as well. “It’s stalker, creepy,” she informs me. “What? Dreaming of making someone I’ve not actually met my new BFF?” This conversation is

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