The Lucky Charm Who Changed My Life Forever

As lucky charms go, mine is not shy. “Daryn, you should write a column about me,” she strongly suggested this week. Since she is the one who, I believe, changed my life for the best ever, hers is a request I’m sure to fulfill. So here goes. She showed up at one of those low times. One of those, feel sorry for myself, this is never going to get better, I’m on verge of getting bitter, Pity Party for One,

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Happy “Best Match Ever” Day!

Such a special anniversary to celebrate! Four years ago today I met a little girl who changed my life forever. There I was having a sad, lonely, woe-is-me Sunday night. Feeling sorry for myself being alone and single. After an appropriate amount of pity party time, I thought to myself, “You can feel sorry for yourself or do something about it.” That’s when I remembered one of my best friends, Cyndi, giving me a “talking to” about Big Brothers Big

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