Daryn’s TED Talk: “How To Watch The News And Get Inspired”

Giving a TED Talk has long been on my bucket list. A gajillion thanks to the folks at TEDxBigSky who invited me to be part of their 2018 event. The theme of this entire TEDx event was “Positivity.” My talk, “How To Watch The News And Get Inspired.” Yes, I really do believe there is a way to be informed and inspired. I’d love to hear your thoughts at the bottom of the page. I’d also love to come speak

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How One Incredible Mom Helped Her Son With Autism Find His Voice

This isn’t just a story of one mom who has a son with autism. This one is more personal for me. It’s about my good friend and former CNN colleague, Parisa Khosravi, and her son Payam. I’ll never forget sitting across from Parisa at Houston’s. This is probably 11 years ago. Her young son wasn’t hitting the usual developmental milestones. After extensive testing, they had a diagnosis. This beautiful boy with the longest eyelashes ever was on the autism spectrum.

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