How One Incredible Mom Helped Her Son With Autism Find His Voice

Through many years of heartbreak and frustration, journalist Parisa Khosravi, shares in a tedx talk how she helped her son with autism find his voice using rmp therapy.

This isn’t just a story of one mom who has a son with autism.

This one is more personal for me.

It’s about my good friend and former CNN colleague, Parisa Khosravi, and her son Payam.

I’ll never forget sitting across from Parisa at Houston’s.

This is probably 11 years ago.

Her young son wasn’t hitting the usual developmental milestones.

After extensive testing, they had a diagnosis.

This beautiful boy with the longest eyelashes ever was on the autism spectrum.

Parisa was crushed.



A mama lion was born.

She and her family have left no stone unturned in searching and trying out therapies to help Payam, who is now 14.

Still, had never spoken more than a few words.

What they’ve stumbled upon recently, something called RPM therapy has changed their lives.

Parisa shared the journey of helping her son find his voice, of not giving up, and the incredible messages Payam is now able to express in a recent TedX talk in Big Sky, Montana.

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How One Incredible Mom Helped Her Son With Autism Find His Voice

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