How To Calm Your Pet With Reading A Book

Calm your pet by doing something so many of us love–reading a book Reading a book to your furry companion captures his attention and keeps him engaged, which helps him to forget about whatever upset him. Sometimes, the animal will respond by perking the ears or even placing a paw on you or the page of the book. If you don’t spend enough time with your furry companion, reading a book to him is an excellent activity for you to

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Book Lover, Party of One; Why Reading Is Like Dating

I can’t quite do it yet. I need some space. Before I’m ready. It’s like that with great loves. This one has been with me for years. I suspect with you, as well. A love that can only be found between the pages Of books. Reading. Diving into the deep end with characters I like and relate to better than some of the “real” people in my life. My name is Daryn and I’m a life-long book lover. You, too,

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