Cancer Survivor Therapy Dog “Moose” Awarded Honorary Veterinary Degree from Virginia Tech

“Moose” is a mental health therapy dog and cancer survivor One awesome therapy dog “Moose” is one awesome therapy dog who is getting big honors from Virginia Tech. He’s worked at Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center since 2014. Moose has been in more than 7,500 counseling sessions, making him one awesome mental health advocate. Overcoming obstacles He’s had some challenges of his own. Earlier this year, doctors diagnosed Moose with prostate cancer. He’s made it through aggressive rounds of chemotherapy

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I Took My Mother For A Dose of Poison

I took my mother for a large dose of poison last week. Sound crazy? It gets crazier. I actually did it two days in a row. That double dose of poison is a gift. I’m so thankful to have access to pump it throughout her body. What kind of daughter does such a thing? The kind that’s hoping to save her mother’s life. I shared last week, Dear Reader, how my mother has been diagnosed with lymphoma. The poison I’m

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The Best Worst Reason To Get A Plane Ticket

Honeymoon. Traveling the world as a news correspondent. Volunteering at an orphanage in Africa. I’ve had a lot of great reasons to get on a plane. I now have the best worst one. “The doctor called with the test results,” my mother said on the phone last week from the other side of the country. “The biopsy shows I have a low-grade form of lymphoma.” The air sucked out of the room and everything on my calendar instantly turned to

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