The Joy Of Losing A Job I Have Loved So Very Much

It appears I’m losing my job. A job I’ve loved very much. A job I dreamed of getting for years. Even though I knew I was the least worthy person in the world. I didn’t have an ice cube in the desert’s chance of getting. And yet, It happened. Now, it’s going away. And I am, Well, Happy. Scratch that. Mark me down as giddy. The job? Like you, Dear Reader, it is one of many I juggle. I am,

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New York Restaurant Only Hires Immigrant Grandmothers To Cook Their Food

There’s nothing like the taste of grandmothers cooking. One restaurant in Staten Island, New York knows that. The Daily Mail reports Enoteca Maria owner Joe Scaravalla has employed more than 40 grandmothers (and one grandfather) from across the globe. The restaurant has two kitchens. One has nonnas that are always making Italian food. The other has a rotating list of nonnas from around the world. Algeria, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Greece, Turkey. Those are just some of the countries and

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You Can’t Eat The Best Thing In My Kitchen

It’s the most important thing in my kitchen. It’s not food. Nor a pot or pan. Not even a fancy appliance. Folks who have known me a long time find it funny that I treasure anything in my kitchen. See, much to the disbelief of my husband and kids, the ones I now cook for on a nightly basis, the ones who enjoy my usually pretty darn edible, if not delicious meals, for most of my life, I couldn’t cook.

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