When the tears and time come too quickly

I spoke too fast.      Maybe I was simply defensive.      Husband was so sure the answer was, “Yes.” I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the family was placing bets on the “when?”      The question was simple.      “Did you cry?”      Who, me? I resemble that reputation Me, who has the reputation in this family of being the crier?      Especially at the milestones.      Like the time I cried when I took our daughters to get their

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My Tears Have A Clock Of Their Own; Yours, Too?

“Did you cry?” There you have the number one thing my daughter wanted to know, as she quizzed me like I was a guilty suspect and she was a top detective on CSI. Truth is, I can’t really blame her. As I’ve shared with you Dear Reader, since becoming a parent, I’ve become a crier. If you ask my kids, they will tell you that I cry at the most ridiculous times. I cried when one filled out a form

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Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Me Before I Adopted My Daughter?

  If I’d only known. Somehow, I thought by adopting a full-sized kid I would avoid biological changes to my body. Silly me. I met my daughter when she was 11. We finalized the adoption earlier this year. No, there were no post-pregnancy pounds to lose, as I had my figure back within minutes of signing those papers. I can’t blame any stretch marks on my body on pregnancy. Those were of my own making. But there is one key

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