Venice Canals Are Cleaner & Clearer Than Anyone Can Remember With Less Boat Pollution Due Coronavirus Lockdown

Venice canals are getting an unexpected benefit from the coronavirus lockdown-clean water! Venice hasn't seen clear canal water in a very long time. Dolphins showing up too. Nature just hit the reset button on us — Gianluca De Santis (@b8taFPS) March 17, 2020 Venice canals are showing signs of life that Venetians don’t ever remember seeing. The historic city has been in lockdown as Italy tries to get a handle on the coronavirus pandemic. No tourists and no business

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National Aquarium Moving Its Dolphins To Ocean Sanctuary By 2020

Dolphins at the National Aquarium in Baltimore have reason to smile today. The Aquarium is announcing plans to move its eight bottleneck dolphins its performing pool in Baltimore to nation’s first oceanside sanctuary in Florida or the Caribbean by 2020. The Baltimore Sun reports this is also a huge victory for animal activists who have protested for years that it is cruel to keep such large, intelligent creatures cooped up in such a small space. Aquarium officials envision a first-of-its-kind protected, seaside

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