Traveling nut spoon carries stories never to be forgotten

There is so much to go through.      A Dear Reader is packing up a lifetime.      There is so much to give away, to sell, to find a home for, and sometimes to just let go.      There’s the dining room table, the scene of a lifetime of joyous gatherings. None of her kids have the room or the need. Such tough choices      And so, she will let it go.      There are the folders and file cabinets.

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One TV Mom Figures Out How To Have It All

    My friend, Lori, is nuts.     Some would say.     Who walks away from a job she worked more than 20 years to get?     A job she loves.     A job with perks.     Who does that?     A certain kind of woman.     Also known as,     A mom.     “My kids are now 9 and 5, precious ages I don’t want to miss,” she shared this week on Facebook.     Trading in 9-5 for her kids

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