The CRAZY, Never-Before-Seen Thing I Saw On Our Family Trip To Africa

8,342 miles. Three plane rides. 29 hours of travel. What a trip. To see the sights of South Africa. Elephant, hippos, rhinos! Come on over and I’ll be happy to inundate you with our family’s vacation photos and videos. [iframe id=”” align=”center”] None comes close to the most remarkable thing I witnessed on this adventure with my husband and two kids. After all, How do you prepare a teenager they are about to enter a world they’ve never experienced? A

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July 8, 2013: I’m Back–Really!

Feels like I should have an approved absence note or something for you. I haven’t been away from this much since I launched the website in 2006. The note would read something like, “Please excuse Daryn for her absence, but she has been on a belated honeymoon and a family vacation-practically back to back.” It feels like I’ve traveled half-way around the world and back twice in the last month. Probably because I have! First, the trip of a

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