Hearing-Impaired Dad Signs With Newborn Daughter

Hearing impaired dad uses sign language that we can all understand This hearing-impaired dad brings you the most loving moment of your day. He is signing to his newborn daughter. Look at how alert she is! She’s taking in every sign, every gesture of love. This video originally posted back in January on Instagram on a feed called, “Untimely Blessing.” They write, “Daddy who is Deaf signing to Baby Arrow who recently passed the Deaf test. ASL is vital for

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CNBC Anchors Share Best Money Advice From Dad

Money advice from dad must’ve sunk in for these CNBC anchors to have such successful careers Did you get great money advice from your dad? I’m a bit late in posting this since Father’s Day was last month, but I think it’s a good segment. CNBC asked some of their anchors “What is the best money advice your dad ever gave you?” The tips cover quite a range. ‘Always have mad money’ CNBC Personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson says her

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Morning Phone Call Reveals Unexpected Revelation From His 91-Year-Old Father

The call came at 8:45. As it does each morning. Not my phone. My friend, Gene’s. It was his dad. His 91-year-old dad. “We don’t actually say the words out loud,” Gene said, “But it’s his daily, ‘Yes, I’m alive’ call.” Some days the calls are short. Some days longer. Monday was a chatty call. Dad felt like talking. So, Gene shared his story from the night before. How he had splurged. Dug into his family wallet to take his

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