Flight Attendant Gets Fussy Baby To Blow Kisses And Help With Pre-Takeoff Routine

Young mom gets a break watching her fussy baby transform into crowd pleaser Savannah Blum knows she doesn’t always have a fussy baby. Her Facebook photos feature plenty of snaps of her happy 19-month-old daughter, Brittan, smiling away. But a recent trip to visit family in Texas stretched longer than mom had planned on. They needed to switch planes in Las Vegas to get home to Reno. Baby Brittan was starting to have enough. That’s when one of the Southwest

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Delta Flight Attendant’s Compassionate Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Delta Airlines flight attendant Jeffery Jones might not realize it, but he’s turning into a viral internet star. Why? For his simple act of kindness and compassion. The best part, to read the account from another passenger, Jeffery was simply being Jeffery. Passenger Sharon Radcliffe was on a flight from Detroit to Nashville on March 6th.  She shared on Facebook something that moved her to tears. Radcliffe wrote that flight attendant Jones spotted a woman seated in coach who has

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Meet The Woman Reuniting Military Dogs With Their Veterans

Flight attendant Molli Oliver has two great passions–military dogs and veterans who have given brave service to the United States. She’s now on a mission to bring valiant partners back together again. She’s reuniting retiring military dogs with the veterans they served alongside. And she’s doing it at her own expense. Come along as she makes another one of these magical reunions happen. United.com has a little bit more information on the wonderful Molli Oliver. How she’s a Los Angeles-based

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