Herd Of Goats Saved By Hero Dog Who Refused To Evacuate During California Fires

A herd of goats and some very grateful, awestruck humans are celebrating one awesome dog today. Rolando Tembo Hendel shares on his Facebook page the harrowing story of his family’s escape from the California wildfires. As the Tubbs Fire threatened their home, the family loaded up their dog and cats, minus one. Odin, their devoted Great Pyrenees, refused to leave the herd of goats. Hendel says on a regular night it is nearly impossible to separate Odie from the herd.

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Goat Yoga Really Is A Thing! Let The Puns Begin!

Stubborn about finding the latest exercise trend? Look no further than goat yoga! This is really a thing. The ListTV reports the yoga classes featuring goats are getting really popular on a farm outside of Phoenix. Think this is a case of yoga goat to far? Both students and teachers think it is a win-win. The humans get a fun exercise experience. The goats like to climb, be with people, of course, some treats always make exercise class go faster. The

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