Comfort Dogs Arriving In Orlando To Help People Grieve

Comfort dogs are arriving in Orlando to help people grieve following the dispicible mass shooting at The Pulse nightclub over the weekend. WFAA reports the dogs are ready to be pet and lend an ear to anyone who needs one. They’ve come with their handlers from Texas, Tennessee, Ohio and six other states. In a place with so many tears, they bring the welcome gift of comfort, indeed. If you love your dog, you might like the dog-inspired pieces in

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Shocking: Sometimes Death Helps

My dad and I are getting along much better these days. Which is interesting, especially considering he has been gone for more than six years now. Gone in the sense of he passed away. Gone in the sense of it was his time. Gone in the sense that what’s left of him, here in my heart, finally feels good. The enormity of the positive and negative influence my father had on me was twisted together like a mighty tornado zooming

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