Girl Creates Plastic Curtain With Arm Holes To Hug Her Grandparents

Plastic curtain with arm holes is genius hack to get to hug grandparents A plastic curtain with armholes brought 10-year-old Paige Okray the thing she’s really been missing during this coronavirus lockdown. A hug with her grandparents. She and her mom, Lindsay, created the curtain using a shower curtain, paper plates, Ziploc bags and a hot glue gun. ‘You get to hug me!’ Paige Okray to her grandparents on the other side of plastic curtain Mom Lindsay is a nurse

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Bucket and Rope Hack Lets Chef Deliver Her Famous Sandwiches to Dedicated Customers During Lockdown

Chef Kara Haltiwanger won’t let the coronavirus shutdown get between her sandwiches and customers The sandwiches and food chef Kara Haltiwanger makes have some serious devotees. She is a chef and caterer in Hollywood, California who has faced financial stress since the coronavirus hit. She simply cannot do her regular business. Genius hack Haltiwanger has come up with an idea that helps supplement her income. You might call it a literal drop in the bucket. Spectrum 1’s Itay Hod shot

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