Realizing My Marriage Is Like The Inside Of A Hard Boiled Egg

Why the secret to my marriage is like a hard boiled egg.
The giggles from these boys is as delightful as learning the hacks

It’s the hard boiled egg hack I’ve been looking for my entire life.

     This story starts with a mystery.

Our messy life

     “Why would someone leave two random eggs sitting on a shelf in our fridge?” I asked myself as I went about my daily quest to keep the fridge somewhat organized.

     With these pandemic times, both Husband and I and working from home, youngest daughter doing Fall semester of college from her cave, er, room, the fridge works overtime.

     It’s a mess.

     I’m constantly trying to organize it.

Fresh eggs

     The eggs?

     We have eight backyard chickens who are fabulous at providing fresh eggs. Sometimes the eggs get put in a carton. Sometimes a bowl when we have overflow.

Some of the beautiful eggs our ladies lay each day.

     So, the idea that two eggs were on the shelf wasn’t entirely weird, if not tidy.

     I placed them in the carton with the other six that the ladies laid that day.

     I didn’t think anything of it.

Turbo Jenny is the grande dame of our backyard chicken flock

Mystery solved

Until the next morning.

     “Have you seen my two hardboiled eggs I put in the fridge,” Husband yelled from the kitchen as he rushed about between work Zoom calls.

     Gulp, mystery solved.

     The two eggs were out because he’d boiled them to eat later.

I had to undo my tidy up. How to figure out which one was cooked, which one was boiled?

Hard boiled egg hack

     Turns out, there is an easy hack for that I learned by consulting the knower of all things, YouTube.

     If you carefully place an egg on a table or counter and try to spin it, the answer will reveal itself.

     A hardboiled egg spins, kind of like a top. A raw egg flops over like a sad song.

     I couldn’t wait try this.

     Sure enough! Two blue eggs spun away, while the others would not.

What’s really on the inside?

     As I was peeling the eggs to serve up to Husband, I couldn’t help smiling about this new superpower, the ability to see inside something for what it really is.

     How I have needed this in my life!

     How great it would have been during my decades of dating to say to a guy, “You look good on the outside, but I need to spin you around to see what you really have going on inside.”

     Or buying a car.

     Or working for a new boss.

     “You’ll have to spin around.”

     Wouldn’t it be great to see the inside, Dear Reader?

The truth about us

     Husband and I have yet to have yet to agree on the proper way to label a hard-boiled egg to avoid the mix up in the first place. But we sure had a grand time spinning eggs on the kitchen counter Friday night.

     It’s about as wild and crazy as we get during these pandemic times.

     Who am I kidding?

     Egg spinning would’ve made for a big night for us even last September.

     We might look like fun, crazy people on the outside.

     Spin us around and the secret’s revealed: we’re as boring as two unsalted egg whites.

     There’s no hiding what really lies within.

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Realizing My Marriage Is Like The Inside Of A Hard Boiled Egg

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