Patriotic Chicken Plays “America The Beautiful” On Keyboard Piano

Be still my chicken-loving heart! I need to go out to my 9 chickens in my backyard right now and have a talk with them. “Ladies, it’s no longer enough to lay fresh eggs, we need to get you music lessons!” Take a look at this delightful video of a chicken playing “America The Beautiful.” Really. The video is put together by Two Creative Chicks who describe themselves on their Facebook page as “advocates for fowl play.” And if you

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Lullaby Playing Dad Gets Baby Son To Sleep With Love And Piano

It’s the lullaby that has worked magic on babies for almost 150 years. The help parents have turned to when they can’t get baby to sleep. That’s the situation David Motola found himself in with his baby son, Sam, was having trouble falling asleep. Poor baby had an earache. Dad also happens to be a YouTube star who entertains viewers around the world as Bearded Piano. So, David loaded Baby Sam up in his baby carrier and started to play Brahms’

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