Why I Finally Drew The Line On My Husband’s Love Affair

I drew the line at Chex Mix.      I had to.      Draw it somewhere.      Had you been here to see what’s been going on in this home, you would’ve expected me to do something.      Anything.      A lot sooner.      How many wives could standby calmly      And bear witness to their husband’s love affair?      It started innocently enough.      Taking a walk with her.      Private conversations.      Snuggling on the couch.      Wrestling games.      Husband

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The Joy Of Catching My Husband In A Love Affair

I never expected to catch my husband doing this. Not this husband. Not during what should be a season of gift giving. Oh, sure. Every wife is shocked. Says her man would be the last to love another girl. I can say it with fortitude. Not my husband. Not this girl. But it has happened. I’ve caught him. It appears, Husband has fallen for my dog. Yes, this husband who swore he never wanted a pet. This husband who couldn’t

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