Wave Of Kindness For Homeless Man Who Spent His Last $20 To Rescue Stranded Woman

An angel appeared in the form of a homeless man for one young woman after she ran out of gas on a dark Philadelphia highway. 27-year-old Kate McClure was driving late one night earlier this month when she felt her car start to chug. That dreaded chug. The out-of-gas sputter. She made it to the side of an offramp and called her boyfriend who said he would come rescue her. He was an hour away. Meanwhile, a homeless man walked

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How Prince Harry Met His Hero-A Wounded Female US Marine

If you like this story, please check out my new book, “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.” Britain’s Prince Harry has been photographed and linked with some of the most famous and beautiful women in the world. The photo that will make you catch your breath is with a remarkable young American woman you probably never heard of. Her name is Kirstie Ennis. She

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