Michelle Obama Will Drop In To Read To Your Kids Every Monday

PBS Kids featuring Michelle Obama on ‘Mondays with Michelle’ Former First Lady Michelle Obama wants to be that extra little bit of help all parents of young children need during the coronavirus lockdown. It’s not like you can have a trusted aunt or grandmother come over your house. But Obama will stop in via PBS social media pages to read to your kids once a week. It’s called, “Mondays with Michelle Obama.” Each Monday through May 11th, she will pop

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First Lady Michelle Obama Surprises Folks Taping Goodbye Messages To Her

Put politics aside for a moment to experience some incredibly joyful moments with First Lady Michelle Obama. “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon and his staff set up a recording session where folks could come by and record a goodbye message to Mrs. Obama. What the unsuspecting people didn’t know was that the woman they admire so much was standing just feet away, hidden by a curtain. What would it feel like to get to meet one of your idols face

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