Traveling nut spoon carries stories never to be forgotten

There is so much to go through.      A Dear Reader is packing up a lifetime.      There is so much to give away, to sell, to find a home for, and sometimes to just let go.      There’s the dining room table, the scene of a lifetime of joyous gatherings. None of her kids have the room or the need. Such tough choices      And so, she will let it go.      There are the folders and file cabinets.

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How Do You Know When It’s Time To Pack Up And Make That Change?

Do you know when it’s time to make that change? Husband has an online addiction problem.      With real estate.      As long as they are houses in other towns.      One year of empty nest and he wants us out of here.      “Check out this marsh front home on the coast of Georgia.”      “How about this abandoned town in Italy?”    “Ooh, I love this jungle home in Costa Rica!” He’s ready to go. Husband has a good

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