About That Time My Puppy Threatened To Flunk Obedience School

It’s that performance anxiety dream. The one where you’re in class and you haven’t done all the work. You’re not going to graduate. You’ll be the laughing stock of the class. You’ve had that dream, Dear Reader? The good part is when you wake up realizing this was just a dream. Everything is fine. Oh, were it so. That was no dream. That was my real life. My real puppy. The real final exam at puppy obedience school. I apologize

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Graduation Fear Confession: My Girl Might Not Get Her Diploma

It’s possible I’m a terrible mother. As I have a crisis of confidence in my girl. She’s supposed to graduate this weekend. Between you and me- I’m not sure she’s going to make it. I scroll through Facebook seeing photo after photo of students boldly holding up their diplomas. “Look at what I’ve done!” Their smiles scream through my screen. As for our ceremony this weekend, The chances that my girl will come home with a diploma? Uh… It’s not

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