Pregnant Mayor-Elect Paige Cognetti Will Be First Female Mayor Of This Pennsylvania City

Pregnant mayor-elect Paige Cognetti is making all kinds of history in Scranton, Pennsylvania Mayor-elect Paige Cognetti will be the first female mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania and the very pregnant Cognetti will be the first to give birth during her term in office. Quite a story for a young woman who is taking on a huge challenge. She ran in a special election after Scranton’s then-mayor, Bill Courtright, pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges. Cognetti stepped into the race as an

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Woman Adopts Senior Dog And Realizes It’s Same Dog She Had To Give Up As A Kid

Any story about the adoption of a senior dog is going to warm my heart. This was has an incredible twist. KDKA reports Nicole Grimes of West Brownsville, PA had a beloved puppy when she was 10 years-old. A fuzzball Pomeranian-poodle mix. Nicole named her, “Chloe.” It was love at first sight. Love that led to a broken heart when Nicole’s step-father decided Chloe wasn’t a fit for the family anymore and they gave the dog up for adoption. That

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