Bored Restaurant Reviewer Serves Chipmunk Daily Custom Fine Dining Meals

The chipmunk living in Angela Hansberger’s Atlanta front yard has the best seat at the table. Hansberger is a food writer by trade. An industry hard hit by the pandemic. Hansberger shares her journey of dealing with sadness and boredom in a delight piece in Bon Apetit Magazine. She writes,  “There are no more new cafés to review or omakase dinners to critique or chicken wing competitions to judge. I’ve hoarded the beans, planted the garden, and grown the scallions

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Bucket and Rope Hack Lets Chef Deliver Her Famous Sandwiches to Dedicated Customers During Lockdown

Chef Kara Haltiwanger won’t let the coronavirus shutdown get between her sandwiches and customers The sandwiches and food chef Kara Haltiwanger makes have some serious devotees. She is a chef and caterer in Hollywood, California who has faced financial stress since the coronavirus hit. She simply cannot do her regular business. Genius hack Haltiwanger has come up with an idea that helps supplement her income. You might call it a literal drop in the bucket. Spectrum 1’s Itay Hod shot

Read more Website Let’s You Buy Meals For Healthcare Workers On The CoronaVirus Frontlines

One family creates website to help show gratitude and save restaurants The website is a new creation born out of the coronavirus crisis. One family in Atlanta came up with a brilliant idea that is meant to give folks a way to show gratitude to healthcare workers on the front lines. And it has the added benefit of bringing much needed business to restaurants who are struggling during this time. Grey Cohen tells me her family just thought

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Property Owner Tells Restaurants To Pay Workers Instead of Paying Rent

Collecting rent isn’t the most important thing right now for one Arkansas property owner. Keep your April rent money. That’s the message from one property owner to the restaurants that run their business in buildings owned by Young Investment Company, LLC in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They don’t want the restaurants to actually hold onto the money they would use to pay April rent. Instead, they want those businesses to pay their employees, as usual and take care of their families. ‘We

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Waffle House Customers Jump In When Schedule Mistake Leaves One Employee Behind The Counter

Waffle House employee smothered and covered with kindness from helpful, understanding customers Make that one Waffle House order of kindness with a smothering of help and love. So, you’re in a WH for a late night meal and you notice there’s only one employee. One struggling employee. That’s what happened in Birmingham, Alabama last weekend. The restaurant chain says it was apparently some sort of scheduling snafu. For some kind-hearted customers, it was simply a chance to get to work.

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